Our Focus

The Starting point

We are huge fans of Paessler's PRTG monitoring software and have been using it for monitoring purposes since May 2010.

"Vanilla" PRTG-Monitoring installation is a great tool for technical staff but for other interest groups like Company Management, Service Managers and End Users will have a hard time understanding the information:

To change this we started to develop our own Plugins and Views for mostly used windows based services.

The Target Solution

In (too) many cases IT-orientated personnel are interested in Technical details like Service Uptime, Disk space and memory and thus are using PRTG to monitor exactly those parameters. All technical data.
In our respect it is today even more important to know how the services are being utilized and what is the experience for the end users regardless in which environment these services are being run in.

A perfect example of this kind of true monitoring is the LYNC 2010 Plugin, which not only gives the possibility to monitor the Lync performance but as well shows how many participants are on remote meetings, how many messages are actually being delivered each hour and so on.

Our Plugins can help you find an answer for the following questions:

How is the particular incident affecting the availability of my services?

How and when are my services being used?

Do we have enough capacity to meet the service levels expected?

How much is the cost per transaction per user for particular service?

Have we met the SLA's agreed last period?

Why use the plugins?

We also found out that implementing powershell scripts in domain environment is complicated and causes a lot of unnecessary maintenance. But of course this is not magic and you can use Your own scripting as well.

Eventually we decided to produce these software plugins instead.