Monitoring Parallels 2X RAS Servers

 Parallels offers 2X Remote Access Server Monitoring via it's built-in reporting features. However this reporting database information does not always reflect all changes applied within the 2x Server Infrastruture as this information is stored on the 2x Server's SQLite databases. Combination of the two database information allows monitoring of both performance data of 2X point of view and more importantly to monitor each servers update frequence to the reporting database. This allows verification of proper operations for each 2x Server in the configuration.


The plugin requires access to both databases: SQL based Reporting and SQLite based Configuration databases. The SQL Reporting database can be used as in 2x server configuration connection based on the rasreportingview user. If the PRTG probe hosting computer is not in the same domain as the reporting server a set of separate SQL based authentication information needs to be applied.

Monitoring Processor Performance from 2X Reporting Database

Monitoring Processor usage and Reporting database updating information for Gateway and Terminal Server Roles. If both roles on the same server it is reported twice. Also if any of the configured servers don't report to Reporting database within the set timeframe a warning is shown with the name and type of the server misbehaving.


All servers reporting to the Reporting database and are below processor usage limit.

Example of sensor log entries when warning/errors occur...


Monitoring Memory Performance from 2X Reporting Database