PRTGPluginsGUI-Tool to enable trending in PRTG


-Trending and Baselining Tool for PRTG Network Monitoring

Current Version is (Supports latest PRTG TLS 1.2 and requires .NET 4.5 minumum installed)

Additional to our family of PRTGPlugins we have developed a separate software tool called PRTGPluginsGUI that can consume data from any sensor of your PRTG Network Monitor for Baselining and Trending.

The tool can be used to anticipate any resource exhaust or saturation, usually based of two different measuring period sets: one, three and six months for long term trending and seven days, two weeks and one month for shorter period Baselining. Any other combination of your choice can be easily defined in the tool.

These combined trends gives a clear view what is actually happening within the resource requirements in short and long term of time.
The tool can also help organizations to predict the actual saturation dates based on the different measurement periods and identify whether the pace of saturation is increasing or decreasing ensuring necessary time needed to mitigate any performance related bottleneck.

How to get it?

The current version of the tool is Beta resulting the most of the bugs have been corrected.

If you'd like to participate the beta testing:

  1. Download the PRTGPluginsGUI Admin Guide from the Documentation section
  2. Download the PRTGPluginsGUI setup files from the 'Tools files'
  3. Download and install the Reporting Templates from the same location

You can request a 2 day test license from the site 'Request a Trial'-function which is delivered by email to you. You can request the trial license multiple times.

Audiences targeted

1. Baseline Monitoring Views for NOC personnel on big screens for monitoring current situations and receiving information exceptional situations

2. Trending for Managers for Viewing and Managing their (Customer) IT requirements by monitoring long term changes in the services.

Three main modes it can be used in

1. Generating Graphical Views

Baseline Views are based on more cranular data produced by PRTG being suitable for Network Operations Center 'Big Screen' views.

Trending views are available based on PRTG's Historical data for 7, 14, 30, 90, 180 and 365 Days giving back the equivalent number of days view to the future.

Example 1: A native view from PRTG of 30 Days of performance data:


Example 2: The same sensor presented in PRTGPluginsGUI 30 days Trend view without 'Trend Lines'.

VMWare Host sensor 30 Days Trend without 'Trend Lines'


Example 3: The same sensor presented in PRTGPluginsGUI 30 days Trend view with 'Trend Lines' on.

VMWare Host sensor 30 Days Trend with 'Trend Lines'

One view (Window) is always based of one sensor data which you can filter in and out the channels of your choice.

There are options like extending trending lines and show legend options to define the graphics view to your choice.




2. 'Looping back' the information back to PRTG for Historical monitoring and reporting

Any defined view in the tool can produce information back to PRTG for historical views and Internal and/or Customer reporting.

However the major advantage is that for different types of 'loop backs' you can 'override' the views original view type:
e.g. in the graphics view you define a Baseline View of the sensor but need to 'loop back' to PRTG 7 and 14 days trending data instead.

3. Generating online graphics for using in PRTG maps

To be updated, not yet implemented.

4. Videos

These videos are best viewed in HD mode.