Advanced VMWare Monitoring with PRTG

The virtual machine configuration management features make it easy to track the configuration changes of your Virtual Machines, guest operating systems, and virtualized applications.

Environment Status

Clients Status

Client tools Installation

Clients by OS Type

Sensor Message list VMs internal names where Heart Beat has failed during last scan. VMs where CD is Connected, VMs with Heartbeat Failed and Ok, VMs Powered Off  and On, VMs with Overall Status Failed and Ok and Total Number of VMs. Sensor report status per VMWare Tools Not Installed,Not Running, Running and Ok VMWare Clients Types and Count reported by VMWare


Client Performance

Performance Views are in developement and some examples are shown on the demo site. Currently Client CPU and Disk Performance Monitoring is under developement.      


Data Consumption by Clients

Datastore Information

Data Committed, Uncommitted as Absolute Size and Data CommRate percentage to enable warnings.

Reports Datastore

  • Capacity
  • Free and Free percentages by Data Store
  • indicates if Data Store is Multi Homed (Prefix: M_)

.Integration with other PRTG plugins

VMWare plugin integrates seemlessly with PRTG Plugins like ONTap Plugin, allowing you to correlate and manipulate performance information when ever needed.