Microsoft SQL Server Monitoring with PRTG Plugins

In most companies Microsoft SQL Servers are considered as core technology where poor performance affects severely to many other services.  AMSS is a compilation of technologies to identify, monitor and help mitigating the areas resulting in possible poor performance.

Monitoring Databases

(Top 10 Most Reads and Writes)

Identify the most (top 10) Read and Write operation causing databases. Dispersing database activity across multiple disk drives by request causes less pending IO.


Monitoring Databases 
(Top 10 Most Waits)

Top 10 databases suffering of Wait statuses.


Monitoring SQL Server Disk latency

High Disk latency can cause Disk saturation which results in overall server unresponsiveness. Saturation occurs when latency increases and throughput stays the same.


Monitoring SQL Server IO Bottlenecks

Determining  which SQL activity causes the most bottlenecks with in the SQL server Pending IO should be monitored closely. How do we know how many pending IO requests are there for database files individually?  The following figure shows the the count of pending IO, the higher the column the more is the the risk total of disk saturation. In addition the Message identifies the database(s)  causing  the Pending IO.