Microsoft Dynamics Monitoring with PRTG Plugins

General Information

AXPlugin enables a capabiltiy to view AOS instances with in the servers.

Server Versions supported Dynamics AX 2012, Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Dynamics AX 2012 R3,Dynamics AX 2009,Dynamics AX 4.0


The Dynamics AX AOS is regularly validating Client sessions in order to free sessions from inactive Clients. This is necessary as otherwise over the time inactive Client sessions would use up the available user licenses.

  • Both on the Client and the AOS a background thread exists that is running in a loop
  • The background thread on the AOS is every 210 Seconds invalidating all active sessions (marking them as inactive). Within the next 210 Seconds the sessions have to be validated by the Clients again (marked as active) otherwise the sessions are considered as inactive and terminated.
  • Whenever the Client is talking with the AOS the corresponding session is marked as active. So if the AOS has marked the Client session as inactive, it is now set as active again. If the session was active it is kept as active.
  • In case the Client is idle and is not communicating with the AOS, there is still the background thread on the Client that is checking every 60 seconds if within the last 60 seconds the Client has communicated with the Server. If this was not the case the background thread is calling a "ping" method on the Server to explicitly validate the Client session as active.

Example Output of Basic Channels:

Monitoring AOS Clients Performance

Monitoring Active Client Sessions Performance.



Monitoring Enterprise Portals