Monitoring RDS 2012 with PRTG Plugins

Basically the same plugin (rdpmonitor.exe) used for Citrix monitoring enables monitoring of all the roles Remote Desktop Services (RDS) holds in Windows Server 2012. This means that the following six roles can be monitored.

•    RD Session Host

•    RD Virtualization Host (In dev)

•    RD Connection Broker (In dev)

•    RD Gateway

•    RD Web Access (In dev)

•    RD Licensing


RD Session Host Monitoring

For the RD Session Host role the following values are being measured:

•    Bandwidth TCP Avg

•    Bandwidth UDP Avg

•    Frames Input Avg

•    Frames Output Avg

•    Frames Skipped for Client

•    Frames Skipped for Net

•    Frames Skipped for Server

•    Frames Source Avg

•    Graph Compr. Avg

•    Sent Rate P0 Avg

•    Sent Rate P1 Avg

•    Sent Rate P2 Avg

•    Sent Rate P3 Avg

•    Sessions Active

•    Sessions Inactive

•    Sessions Total



Easily see the reasons of degrading your RDS farm performance:

RD Gateway Monitoring

The number of sessions that run through the RD Gateway are monitored with the following values for alerting:

•    Data Received Avg Per Session

- Average Data in kilobytes received in active sessions

•    Data Sent Avg Per Session

- Average Data in kilobytes sent in active sessions

•    TSGW Active Sessions

- Number of active sessions on Gateway

•    TSGW Idle Sessions

- Number of inactive sessions on Gateway

•    TSGW Sessions

- Total Number of sessions on Gateway